Daddy … Who’s Jesus?

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Jesus, Poem

Daddy, who’s Jesus … what does He do?
I’m working Susie, wait and ask your Momma she will explain it all to you.

Sorry Daddy, I know you’re busy, I hope I didn’t mess you up.
I just wanted to know how someone named Jesus could overflow my cup!

Daddy … why would I want my cup to overflow, wouldn’t that make an awful mess?
Momma would be so very mad, if I got it on my brand new dress.

Becky Johnson told me that Jesus could forgive me of my sins.
Daddy … what’s a sin … and how will I know if I do it again?

Just one more question Daddy, and then I will leave you alone.
I know you say I worry you like an old dog worries a bone.

But, Becky told me something about being reborn again!
Is she lying Daddy? … I hate to say that about my best friend.

How can you be born again, when you are already here?
I don’t know about Becky, Daddy … sometimes she talks about fear.

Fear of God she calls it, when we do something wrong;
If we don’t repent, we can not reach Gods’ holy throne.

Becky also said that His Mother cried when they hung Jesus on a cross.
She said He had to die so the world would not be lost!

Isn’t Becky silly Daddy? … How can you loose a world?
That would be like you and Mommy losing me, your only baby girl.

Cause you’re always telling me that I mean the world to you.
Why are you crying Daddy … Is there anything that I can do?

Yes … I will get the phone, you just sit right here and rest.
What do you mean Daddy that God was giving you a test?

Who are you calling Daddy … is that the preacher man?
You say he’s coming over here for he will understand.

Why do you need him over here … why do you need him to pray?
I heard you tell him Daddy … “Praise God, I just got saved”.

Pat Finn
Prayer Warrior at


Daddy … Who’s Jesus?