At Times We Need God to Make Wise Decisions

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Family is an interesting place where many learning happens. In a family of six there were four girls, the first three always boast of what they are; there beauty, education, influence etc. but the fourth girl, Aruna was quiet different, probably she may not be good looking, bright student or famous personality but she seems to be very reserved and not a spend thrift like her sisters. Her only goal was to continue her higher studies abroad.

Many would say that she would not make life better for herself or others.

After final examination when everybody planned to go for a long vacation, in the intention spending all their money, Aruna had no plans; she always lived all her life homely individual. She was asked to stay with her grandmother who was quiet active in the foreign consulates and travels a lot. So now Aruna has to put up with the schedule with the grand mother and help her while she is traveling. Suddenly her grand mother met with an accident, and she was hospitalized. Somebody should represent the education fair conducted by the International educational Institutions. Well grandmother in the hospital and others have gone for vacation, Aruna was the only option to represent on behalf of the grand mother. Now you know how this story would conclude, yes being the representative of foreign consul, she went through the counseling with one of the foreign institution and was selected. After some years she not only had an international degree, but also a job which made her to settle well. So she became a blessing to herself and to the family by her wise decision. Now everyone appreciated and said she not only made her own life better, even others. Many of us wanted to take decision which was familiar, decisions taken by many which shuns problem. Aruna was always considered liability to the family, but she showed others how wise decision can change life.

Are our decisions wise enough? Oh, we would know only when we face the consequence of the decisions. There was a woman called Ruth in the Holy Bible, she, her sister and mother-in-law lost their husbands, and wealth. She decided to follow her mother-in-law. We have heard a father, mother, or even sibling being a guide for some one to achieve something in life. Even we have heard people having a political leader, teacher, or a friend being a source of mentor in helping people to achieve something. And most often we have heard that mother-in law and daughter-in-law as incompatible individuals in any homes.

Quiet differently in this story, it is proven that even following mother–in-law’s steps could bring greater blessings to a daughter-in-law.

Though it sounds funny, a godly decision may sometimes look unkempt. But choosing what God intended remains really profitable. Ruth asserts in chapter 1:16 *…wherever you go, I will go, wherever you lodge, I will lodge, your people shall be my people. And your God, my God. *Ruth knows she is not going for a vacation, the kind of words she uses reveals that she decided well –enough to spend her remaining life time with mother-in-law. Orpah her sister chose what generally people would have opted. Her mother-in-law after coming to Moab lost husband, two sons, and all the wealth. She is going empty handed, and she herself doesn’t know what she would do for her leaving. In this situation anyone would advice it is not worth to follow her. But Ruth followed her.

To shorten the story, Ruth became wife of wealthy man called Boaz, she became the grand mother of King David, whose reign was always considered as the Golden era of Jewish history. Ruth brought blessing to her life as well as to her family, her only mother-in-law through whom she received this honour. By following mother-in-law she received great inheritance by being

one of the God chosen lineage for the saviour to be born. Wise decision is always a struggle but it ends with a reward. Few are lucky to take such decision but if you after seeing many failures want to have victorious life. As Ruth trusted the God of Israel, trust in him for blessed life.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not yours…” Isa 55:8-9,

The same Lord says, in Jer29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you…to give future and hope.”

Trust and obey, for there is no other way;

To be happy in Jesus you trust and obey…

What a wonderful song, it reminds us that in times of trouble our only hope is to rely on God and only God, he helps us to take a right decision. Taken from my unpublished book “In Times We Need God”

Mr.F.Kamalanathan Bsc. PGDCA. M.Div. M.Th


At Times We Need God to Make Wise Decisions