Think of Heaven

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Heaven, Poem

When you have a day,
When all goes wrong,
You feel “why me”?
Instead, sing a song.  

Just close your eyes,
Take a sigh,
Jesus is near,
He says, “draw nigh”.  

Holy Spirit, like a dove,
Let yourself feel light,
Think of Heaven,
One day it will be right.  

No more sorrow or pain,
It will all make sense,
A journey to grow now,
We wait in suspense.  

Like a child in thrill,
Christmas morning he awaits,
Surprises are coming soon,
Excitedly, he anticipates.  

Despite the awful moment,
Start to praise him,
Speak the name of Jesus,
No need to be grim.  

We have a mansion waiting,
What is here will be gone,
Darkness no more,
No ending of the dawn.  

Forever, we cannot imagine,
Seeing loved ones there,
Never again to say goodbye,
No more burdens to bear.  

Rise like an eagle,
Above the worldly things,
Jesus we can see,
What joy that brings.  

Heaven is here,
You can see it now,
Think of Jesus,
At His feet, bow.  

So close your eyes,
Take a sigh,
Think of Heaven always,
Let yourself rise. 

Betty Sanderford


Think of Heaven