The Waiting Game

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Patience, Prayer, Waiting

“I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.” (Psalm 40:1 NIV)

Writing is not always easy. Sometimes I just have to wait and wait and wait. The ideas don’t come. There is no motivation even though I am watching and hoping and looking for both inspiration and enthusiasm to put fingers to keyboard.

Throughout the scriptures we discover that the waiting game is not new to any of us however. It has been around since time began. Sarah and Abraham had given up hoping for a child long before Isaac was born to them in their old age. Joseph prayed and prayed yet still languished in prison for long periods before rising to his rightful place of power. King David ran and hid as a fugitive for many years before the promise of the throne God had Samuel anoint him for became a reality. Simeon and Anna spent a lifetime waiting for the messiah to be presented at the temple. Yes, the waiting game is as old it seems, as the birth of mankind.

What might you be waiting for today? Healing, encouragement, wisdom, guidance, a spouse, a new job, a call or visit from a wayward family member, the conception of a child, justice, that promotion…..the list is endless isn’t it, for we always seem to be waiting for something in this life.

The marvellous thing about the waiting game however is when we wait patiently for the LORD trusting him to hear and answer our prayers, one way or another we are not disappointed. For as the psalmist declared: he turned to me and heard my cry.

God is faithful. God is good. God hears and responds to the cries of his people. Which means that perhaps today will be the day your waiting game comes to fruition.

Prayer: Father God thank you that you turn and hear the cries of your people. You know the needs of each and every one of us dear Lord and today we thank you in advance for the answers to our prayers. In Christ’s name we ask. Amen

Lynne Phipps
Atlin, B.C.


The Waiting Game