You Are Insane! Radioactive Religion, Part 2

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Radioactive Religion, Religion, Sacrifice

There are many accusations flying around this world. Many of them are directed straight to us, and it can sure hurt. Still, there are people way worse off than we are. Let’s us go back to the 19th Century when King Ludwig II of Bavaria was reigning in his kingdom. This king had a passion, and that passion was building castles. Not one or two or three, but myriads of them. He financed these all himself, of course. Until he had to start borrowing, that is. Castles can become quite expensive, especially if you build more than one!

Ludwig II’s ministers rebelled at his castle-building fetish. All of Europe would think they were fools to let a monarch financially ruin their country over castles! They decided that the best plan of action was to declare him insane. That would take care of him!

The only problem was that King Ludwig II of Bavaria was actually quite lucid! He knew exactly what he was doing. Building castles was his passion!

The Bavarian ministers searched for four psychiatrists who would agree to declare the King insane. It didn’t matter that only one of them had ever met Ludwig II before, and he, only briefly!

On June 2, 1886, the King was seized for insanity. While being transported to a prison in Castle Berg, the King asked one of the doctors: “How can you declare me insane? After all, you have never seen or examined me before.”

The answer shocked him. “It was unnecessary. The documentary evidence (The gossip of the King’s servants) is very copious and completely substantial. It is overwhelming!”

On June 13, 1886, the King was found drowned in shallow water near the shore. It was decided that he had committed suicide by drowning. One little problem though: The official autopsy indicated no water in his lungs!

As you can see, accusations are deadly. They tear our insides apart, make us feel worthless, and they can even rob us of our lives!

The same happened to Jesus. He was constantly falsely accused (For example: “Obviously, this man can’t be from God. He doesn’t keep the Sabbath.”- John 9:16, MSG), and his sanity was continually questioned. All these accusations eventually led to his death on the cross.

It’s sad that even among believers we can find three kinds of groups. The ones who walk with God and know Him intimately, the couch-potatoes who prefer minimum effort, and the “religious” who seem to have a passion for crusades. The two last groups, especially the last one, are deadly. Instead of building up their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, they tear them down with comments such as: “You are no Christian, you are still…” It sounds just like the accusation directed at Jesus in John 9:16, doesn’t it?

Jesus’ accusers, the “religious ones”, were the ones who crucified Him. Why? Because He didn’t fit into their doctrinal mindset. Their accusations didn’t faze Him, however. He continued to love His fellow mankind, just as He always did. After all, God had not given the Sabbath to the Israelites so that they could justify indifference towards the needy. It has always been about love, real love, God’s love, a love willing to sacrifice oneself even to death.

Accusations are never from God. They are directly from the evil one: “The accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night…” (Rev 12:10b, NIV2) Throughout God’s Word, we discover that accusations always generate from the evil one. He even accuses God: “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Gen 3:5, NIV2) In other words, your God is selfish and prevents you from what you could really be! What happened next in Eden shows clearly that the evil one’s tactics were untrue. Evil invaded our planet for good.

If you belong to a church or denomination that tends to accuse, beware! Run as far away from them as you can, for they are not serving God, even though they may proclaim they do. They are serving the evil one himself! God is not a God of accusations, but of pure love! (See John 3:16)

Come to the shelter of God’s arms, where love reigns. No accusations will ever be found there! Find full acceptance by the One who redeemed you. Unlike the “religious” zealots, Jesus could firmly declare: “Whoever comes to me (Jesus) I will never drive away.” (John 6:37b, NIV)

All accusations evaporate in the presence of our Savior. Thank you, Jesus!

Are you insane? Or are you “religious”? Remember, those who walk with God are often declared insane. What a privilege!

Rob Chaffart

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You Are Insane! Radioactive Religion, Part 2