God Looked Down From Heaven

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Poem, Salvation

God looked down from Heaven and knew this was not the world He created for man;
Since Adam and Eve’s time His children moved far away from His’ perfect plan.

Will You smite them, the angels asked all together in one voice;
No said God……..after all I did give them freedom of choice.

The time has come to light that I have to earn their adoration;
There is one way and only one way to lead them to salvation.

Not that, Father, please we beg of You…..don’t send him to take their place;
They will turn on Him trying to shame Him and bring Him disgrace.

Hush, My pure ones, you know this must be done;
I have to send Him down, if My Kingdom is to come.

He is willing to go even though He knows He will be crucified;
My beloved Son wants to take their place, for them He is willing to die.

Pat Finn


God Looked Down From Heaven