Bill Paid 30 Years Ago

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Miracles, Provision

One day while listening to a sermon we watched a video on how a man helped a boy from a time of great need.

The boy stole medicine coz’ his mother was very ill. The owner got him red handed and when a kind man saw this, he covered the boy and paid for the stolen medicine. Not only he paid for the medicine, He gave him vegetable soup to this poor boy to give to her mom. After 30 years, this man who helped the boy fell sick and was hospitalized. The man’s only support was his daughter and the tiny hotel where he had his income. It came to a point that they have to sell everything to pay the medical fees. Stuck by the fact that she could not pay the fees she laid down by her father’s side weeping. Few days later, to her amazement, she saw a bill stating it was paid 30 years ago- by one bottle of medicine and a soup. The boy who stole medicine 30 years ago is now a Doctor. A simple act that this man had done changed the life of that boy forever.

Sammy Mildred


Bill Paid 30 Years Ago