You Can’t Beat Art… Or Can You?

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Encouragement

The one thing I hear from most people is that they struggle with finding their “gift” or talent.

The thing is most people have many gifts but they just don’t see the value in them.

Right now on public square in Wilkes Barre, Pa is the Fine Arts Fiesta.

It’s an annual event I always love to attend.

I strongly suggest that if you have a similar event in your area that you take time to visit.

Okay, so there are artists. There are performers. There usually are food vendors.

But mixed in the crowd of creative offerings is where I believe you may very well be inspired.

It is where I found Georgie.

Who he was and what he had to offer spoke volumes to me.

When I talked to him he was truly excited about what he did. I mean he used the word “love” many times in telling me his story.

There may very well be a clash here between the purist who only call brush on canvas or hand carved sculpted pieces worthy of being labeled “art” and people who find knitted swag lamps and airbrushed t-shirts artistic pieces.

No offense to either.

Georgie was first a drummer. He spoke about how much he “loved” being one.

By the way, I watched a video of him playing. He is excellent.

Then Georgie decided he wanted more out of life. So he discovered his artistic side. He wanted to paint.

I don’t exactly know how the two blended together, but the result is one incredibly happy man who gets to take two things he loves and produce one thing that makes him extraordinarily happy.

Georgie paints with drum sticks.

This is where the previously mentioned two groups of people may clash.

He paints on canvas by stretching it out suspended on a large frame in front of him. He created various tips on the sticks he uses and dipping them in paint he begins to play the canvas like a drum.

He even uses the traditional drummers “brush” to add special details.

He creates a video and you can hear your art being created.

He paints on canvas, old records, and t-shirts among other things.

He had a talent as a drummer. He wanted more. So he studied art.

He turned his sticks into brushes and his rhythm into art.

Interesting story.

Here’s the point. You may be struggling with finding your place in the world. You may be thinking you have no real talent or one that others may deem ordinary or even useless. If you look even closer at the everyday things you do or the knowledge you have, you might very well be able to combine two or more of them.

Then one day, as people begin to notice how happy you are, you, too can say, “I really love doing this.”

In my own life I have always joked about getting away from the pressures of business and the corporate world and just buy a hot dog stand.

My biggest worry everyday would be, “Do I have enough buns? Did I make the chili sauce? Oh and how about napkins do I need?”

I sigh thinking about it.

You might be thinking…

“Bob there are hundreds of people selling hot dogs. That’s nothing different.”

Ah, but here is where I take two gifts and create one I would “love to do.”

I call it “The Talking Dog!”

With every hot dog you’d get a positive, uplifting quote. Like you get in a fortune cookie. And as I was selling them I would have a microphone to talk to everyone passing by and find something wonderful to say about them even if they didn’t buy a thing.

“I love that shirt!”

“Your children are beautiful!”

“It’s great seeing families together on a beautiful day like this.”

“Great smile!”

You know, I do that now, one on one as I go through my day. I stop people and say something nice about them or their children.

Oh, and I LOVE hot dogs!

Can you imagine how happy I’d be combining the two?

It’s my retirement plan…seriously!

You may one day be walking down the beach or boardwalk, local arts festival or just downtown and hear “Hey, I believe in you!”

Come over and say hello. It will be me! I’d love to meet you.

Now, what things can you combine to create your “happy?”

By the way…”I love that shirt you have on today!”

Bob Perks

You can meet Georgie LeHoop by visiting his website


You Can’t Beat Art… Or Can You?