Resurrection Is a Reality! The Witness, Part 6

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Elisha had been welcomed with open arms by a Shunammite and her husband. They even built a room onto the roof of their home for him whenever he was in town. He promised her that she would have a son by the following year, and it happened as predicted.

Even promised children can face adversity, however…”The child grew up. One day he went to his father, who was working with the harvest hands, complaining, ‘My head, my head!’ His father ordered a servant, ‘Carry him to his mother.’ The servant took him in his arms and carried him to his mother. He lay on her lap until noon and died.” (2 Kings 4:18-20 MSG) How could this be? He was the promised son! What a tragedy!

The Shunammite didn’t mourn, however. Instead she truly believed that her son would be resurrected that very same day. What faith! “She took him up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, shut him in alone, and left. She then called her husband, ‘Get me a servant and a donkey so I can go to the Holy Man; I’ll be back as soon as I can.'” (2 Kings 4:21-22 MSG) Her husband didn’t share her vision. He was too practical, and instead of encouraging her, he tried to make her doubt: “But why today? This isn’t a holy day-it’s neither New Moon nor Sabbath.” (2 Kings 4:23a MSG) Faith will not accept any doubt, and instead of quarreling with her husband, she said: “‘Don’t ask questions; I need to go right now. Trust me.’ She went ahead and saddled the donkey, ordering her servant, ‘Take the lead-and go as fast as you can; I’ll tell you if you’re going too fast.'” (2 Kings 4:23b-24 MSG) After all, it’s all about trust and faith!

“But when she reached the Holy Man at the mountain, she threw herself at his feet and held tightly to him.” (2 Kings 4:27a MSG)

Someone tried to pull her away. Again an opposition to her faith. However, Elisha said: “Leave her alone-can’t you see that she’s in distress? But GOD hasn’t let me in on why; I’m completely in the dark.'” (2 Kings 4:27 MSG) Even the most devout people are in the dark at times.

Elisha sent his servant Gehazi ahead. There was no doubt that the child was dead, “There was no sound-no sign of life.” (2 Kings 4:31b MSG). He came back to Elisha with the grim news. Faith, however, doesn’t stop in the face of adversity.

“Elisha entered the house and found the boy stretched out on the bed dead. He went into the room and locked the door-just the two of them in the room-and prayed to GOD. He then got into bed with the boy and covered him with his body, mouth on mouth, eyes on eyes, hands on hands. As he was stretched out over him like that, the boy’s body became warm. Elisha got up and paced back and forth in the room. Then he went back and stretched himself upon the boy again. The boy started sneezing-seven times he sneezed!-and opened his eyes.” (2 Kings 4:32-35 MSG)

How excited this Shunammite was when she heard Elisha say: “Embrace your son!” (2 Kings 4:36b MSG) “She fell at Elisha’s feet, face to the ground in reverent awe. Then she embraced her son and went out with him.” (2 Kings 4:37 MSG)

Notice that she was worshipping our Heavenly Father before embracing her son. Faith and praise goes hand in hand! She knew her priorities.

Our Heavenly Father has been here for us since the beginning of time. Healings, multiplication of food, even resurrection promises came forth in the Old Testament, and it became a normal event when Jesus nailed our guilt on his cross.

Does resurrection still apply today? Absolutely. Here is a testimony: “Evangelist Johnathan Bond has a testimony that is guaranteed to keep a crowd’s attention. On September 24, 1991, while driving on rain slick roads, an 18-wheeler pulled into his lane on a four lane road and forced him into oncoming traffic where his car was hit so hard by two different vehicles that his seat belt was ripped in half. “The next thing I remember was lying on a wet road and people were standing over me trying to find a pulse.” After a few minutes of CPR, the paramedics said, “We can’t do anything for him. He’s dead.” Remembering there is a Heaven and Hell, Johnathan pleaded, “Lord, if You will save me and let me live, I’ll live for You.”

When his mother arrived at the emergency room and asked about her son, the doctor put his arm around her shoulder and assured her that the ER team had done all they could but they “had lost him.” The doctor, who was a Christian, prayed with Mrs. Bond. While they were praying, a woman who was preparing Johnathan’s body for the funeral home ran up to the doctor and exclaimed, “He’s not dead!”

After further examination, the doctor told Mrs. Bond, “Although God has answered our prayers, Johnathan would be better off dead.” Johnathan’s injuries were extensive and massive. He had a brain aneurysm from a fractured skull. His head was swollen past his shoulders. His right eye was popped out and only being held with two out of 50 ligaments. His face was cut and his facial bones under his were were broken. Two ribs were broken, his right arm and shoulder were broken, his back was broken in nine places and he was paralyzed from the waist down. Finally, he had also lost most of his blood!

Three days after the accident, his heart stopped and the doctors were unable to restart it, so it was back to the waiting room and the sad news, “We lost him again.” Again the doctor and mother started praying. A non-Christian nurse even joined in.

As they prayed, he came to for the second time! Soon, he walked out of the hospital and finished recovering at his mother’s house. Is that a miracle testimony, or what?

During the week, Johnathan is the manager of a radio promotion company called HIS Music Group. Ginger is a secretary/sales assistant at a local rug manufacturer. Although they come from different denominational backgrounds, the couple attends the non-denominational Faith Church when at home.

Although husband and wife are both accomplished musicians on several instruments, they sing with soundtracks in concert to achieve a more consistent sound. As for their favorite artists, they claim The Freemans and all the individual members of The Freemans as influences as well. Darrell Freeman is their producer. In an interesting side note, Johnathan wrote a song that was recorded by Mariah Carey and Boys To Men on their duet album. Young Harmony will minister anywhere they are invited, paid or unpaid. And, they will travel any distance to sing.

When asked about their greatest blessing in their new ministry, Johnathan said, “We have the opportunity to reach out to hungry, lost and dying people from all different backgrounds of life. To know that we have made a difference, through Christ, in someone’s life is worth all of our time and efforts.”

Their most exciting adventure happened when they were invited to sing at a funeral of a lady from Lexington, KY, whom they didn’t even know! They sang one song, “Consolation On Your Knees,” which was written from Johnathan’s car accident. During the song, 72 people came to the altar and gave their hearts to God! According to Bond, “We’re going to release the song in December 1996. Listen for it.”

Young Harmony wants everyone to know they love the Lord and have been chosen to go out into the world and reach people through their singing ministry. They are available to appear at your church.

Written by Johnathan Bond. Thanks to Precious Testimonies Evangelist Ministries.

Do you believe: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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Resurrection Is a Reality! The Witness, Part 6