At Wit’s End: Little Light of Mine, Introduction

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Little Light of Mine, Rest

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” (John 1:9, NIV2)

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5, NIV2)

Last winter (2014) was quite rough to most North Americans. Bitter cold, like we hadn’t had in a very long time, with snow that fell seemingly uninterrupted for days on end. Many people I encountered were discouraged. Still, some had a better attitude. One of my colleagues, for example, pointed out: “As long as the sun shines, we can endure anything!”

So true, and more often than not, the sun did make itself seen, at least for a few minutes, even amidst the winter turmoil.

The problem is that many rush through life, never realizing that the sun is, indeed, shining!

It could be worse. Some relish living in darkness, and for some strange reason, they prefer the nighttime to the day. In fact, they can’t wait until the sun goes down so that they can pursue their unhealthful venues.

Still, some among them realize that they can’t go on living this way. They recognize that eventually they will reach the self-destruct mode. These are the ones who realize that they are completely empty, a huge void dominating their inner being. Their endeavors don’t fill them the way they had hoped. They are left wanting and hopeless, often wondering, “Why do I even exist?”

Where can they even find hope or solace? Is it possible that they are doomed from the onset?

If you find yourself in these circumstances, let me ask you: “Does the night last forever and ever?” For some it seems that way, but does it? Truly? Doesn’t the sun rise every day, announcing that there is much more than the pleasures of the night? The rising sun proclaims the possibility of hope, a hope that can help you endure anything, and I truly mean anything.

This series will help you find meaning in your life. It will help you replace the inner void with happiness and peace. You can and will be victorious, as the light from above will fill you up. What do you have to lose? Aren’t you at your wit’s end anyway?

Enjoy your trek through the land of light and discover how powerful He can be!

The following illustration is based on someone’s trek out of darkness. To remain anonymous, we will call her “Jane.” That poor woman was in despair. She had fallen so low that she had lost all hope. Her only way out was suicide. She had a daughter, no more than six years old, and she had decided that she didn’t want her child to face this cruel world either. She concluded to take her daughter with her in her trek to suicide.

But there was something bothering her. She couldn’t help but cry, “God, if You are there, if You care, stop me from committing suicide!”

Not expecting any response, she was puzzled when she heard a voice inside her whispering: “church”.

“Is it You, God?” She wondered.

What did she have to lose? The next day would be Sunday, she would drive off and try to find a church, her last grasp at hope.

The next day, as Jane drove off with her daughter, she had no idea where she was heading. Suddenly she realized she was heading the wrong way. She was heading out of town. Most churches were inside town. Oh well, she thought, she would turn around, as soon as she found a side street.

As she pulled into the next side street, she noticed a church. “Strange,” she thought, “I’ve never seen this church before!”

She decided to go in. She walked straight into the chapel, for she didn’t wish to meet up with anyone. The service hadn’t started yet, so she sat down with her daughter in the very back pew. She was a bit puzzled when a man approached her and introduced himself as being the pastor. He chatted with her a bit and then sat next to the little girl, asking her questions and showing interest in what she was telling him. “You have a treat today,” he told her. “We have some fun activities planned for all the children in church.”

The daughter stood up, looked in her mother’s eyes and smiled. “Mom! I like this place!”

That pastor made them feel so welcome that Jane never took her life, and her daughter is now quite bigger than she used to be. They still go to that church. No more frowns though. She now grins, for she has found that the Light of her life was way bigger than the darkness she used to reside in. She has given her life over to the One who is named Hope, and she can vouch now that the void has completely disappeared from her heart. Now it is filled with joy, happiness and purpose. After all, she has a daughter to care for!

That pastor was our interim pastor for 4 months, a real man of God who cares for others the way Jesus cares. Sadly, there are churches that are empty, and these can’t help the desolates, as they don’t even know what the Light truly is. Only the true Light can lead you to hope and victory.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28, NIV2)

Rob Chaffart

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At Wit’s End: Little Light of Mine, Introduction