Visiting Messengers

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Angels, Service

It was a cold,drizzly evening as I reluctantly, left my husband at the hospital following his crucial and lengthy cardiac surgery.

The rain clouded my vision as I made a wrong right turn, anxious to get home.

The more I drove into the dark night, pitch blackness surrounded me. Something instinctively said:”Turn back!” As I realized not a soul or edifice was in sight, I noticed my gasoline gauge marking, “empty!”

Turning back recalling nothing had existed on my way up, I saw a brightly lit gasoline station. I praised God and that Voice guiding me back! There was life around me, after all!

I drove onto the spot nearing the pumps,and began walking inside to seek directions home.

A young Black man in his 20s with a map in his hands greeted me with a smile.However, he could not guide me home. I found that odd, as my home I assumed was in the local vicinity.

A woman built slender, and medium tall with reddish-brown hair in her late 4Os,instantaneously walked in asking me if I were lost, she could show me the way!

In a semi-exhaustive state from little rest, I said:”Yes!”

As she began walking outside, she pointed to an old, faded, avocado green Pontiac parked by the fence near my car and said:”When I turn on my blinker,drive off the freeway.” I thanked both as I walked out the door.

Suddenly, I am faced with the dilemma of how to insert the gas nozzle to fill my car; when all of a sudden a miniature man makinga muffling noise, as he desperately makes signs showing me what to do appeared. He was a mute! Following his instructions I turn to thank him. He had vanished! (California is a melting pot where the remnants of yesteryear’s excesses could bring anyone or thing near me in the pathetic state I was in, I thought, so why be picky:)

I paid for my gas, then returned to my car to leave. Following the lady on the freeway

I did as she had asked. Thankful to His Spirit, and for the wonderful “souls ” He had sent (tongue in cheek:) I planned for the next morning when I could be with my beloved, once more as I arrived home,safely inside.

Once, Bob, my husband recovered, I asked him to retrace the wrong turn I had mistakenly made from the hospital so we could carry pastries embedded in my famous gold boxes with beautiful red wrap I was known for giving to special friends who so enjoyed my delactable treats during Christmas. It had passed but the pastries were frozen to retain their incredible freshness.

My husband, a genius at finding locations,(with the fetish of most men too proud to ask for directions:) retraced it landmark by landmark starting and restarting to and from the hospital, vigilantly and patiently driving throughout the surrounding areas at a massive radius

NOTHING even remotely resembling a gasoline station on a corner was ever found!

Hebrew 13:2 “Do not neglect to show hospitality to “strangers” for thereby some have (been) entertained by angels, unaware.”

The word, “angels” denotes messengers sent by God. Wouldn’t their purpose be inconsequential if they appeared with Michael Angelo’s perception wearing “wings” in glowing light?They are known to appear as ordinary humans on a mission to save, warn, guard, or accomplish their Creator’s mission of mercy. And, someday we may be prevy according to His will as He has stated; John 14:2-3 “Let not your heart be troubled. In my house there are many mansions.I am going there to prepare a place for you, but I am coming back for you.”

To someone whose devout,pure,obedient,faithful and loving heart believed that His love, meekness, and divinity reigned forever and in Whose House he is now joyously praising Him with His angels.7-27-2013:7-27-15.



Visiting Messengers