Strange Pain in the Joints: Miracle From the Past, Part 14

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As I begin this devotional, my prayer is that it will help all of us to come to understand how much our Father loves us and how much He is willing to help us when we are in need.

When Henrietta Mears was 12 years old, she began to feel pain in her joints. It got to the point where she had constant pain, and soon she couldn’t even walk any longer. She was also having constant nosebleeds. Henrietta was later diagnosed with muscular rheumatism, a crippling and life-threatening illness. She suffered from this continuous pain for two years.

Being a concerned mother, Henrietta’s mom turned to the Lord. One day she read the following Bible text: “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:19 KJV). The verse struck a chord with her, and she claimed this promise for her daughter. She then asked a family friend and devout believer, Mr. Ingersoll, to come and pray for Henrietta’s healing.

“Henrietta, do you believe the Lord can heal you?” asked Mr. Ingersoll.

“He created us,” replied Henrietta. “I see no reason why He cannot heal us.”

Mr. Ingersoll began praying for Henrietta. Henrietta’s nosebleeds stopped immediately; however, the rheumatism became even more painful.

Mr. Ingersoll returned to pray for Henrietta a second time, and this time Henrietta was filled with stark confidence. She began to cry, for she knew she was completely healed. The pain was abruptly and miraculously gone! She was soon back to working in the garden, swimming and even horseback riding.

Henrietta had another problem, however. She was extremely nearsighted, and had worn thick glasses ever since she was six years old. At the age of 16, she accidentally jabbed a hat pin into one of her pupils. The specialists could do nothing to heal it, and they declared that she would be completely blind by the age of 30.

Once again Mr. Ingersoll came over to pray for Henrietta. When the specialists later examined her eye, they couldn’t believe that she could still see. They tested and retested her eyes for two years, and each time they were amazed that her sight was NOT continuing to fail.

They did not believe in miracles, however, and as she was approaching high school graduation, they encouraged her to stop reading and studying, as they were concerned that these activities would cause her to lose her sight even sooner.

Henrietta was undaunted. She said, “If I’m going to be blind by 30, then blind I shall be.” She continued her studies and interestingly, after every lecture, she could always remember verbatim what was said. Needless to say, though she had fragile vision all her life, she did not go blind. She was later quote as saying, “I believe my greatest spiritual asset throughout my entire life has been my failing sight, for it has kept me absolutely dependent upon God.”

Our Father cared for Henrietta. He cares for all of us, even today. Why not turn to Him and rely on Him for your needs?

Rob Chaffart

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Strange Pain in the Joints: Miracle From the Past, Part 14