Two for One

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Salvation, Witnessing

What would it take to stop my coworker from inviting me and my wife to church? He had already invited us to Easter and Christmas services and then came his invitation to what? A Valentines weekend service? Yes, a Valentines service. We had worked together over the past year and I was drawn to him as I watched him let his light shine for Christ in the face of our coworkers who could be very antagonistic.

As a child, Mom took me and my siblings to church on a regular basis. All I could remember was the rules and that God was out to get me with hell fire and brimstone. With those memories bouncing around in my head I was very reluctant to accept my coworker’s invitation.

I can’t recall why he had given me a ride home from work that faithful Friday, nevertheless he had me “trapped.” Once in the car he asked me if we’d come to church in honor of Valentine’s Day. I told him I’d see if we could possibly go.

As I greeted my wife with a small bouquet of flowers I told her we were going to church to get my coworker off my back, plus I told her our four months old son needed to know about God. How were we to know that on Valentines weekend Sunday our loving Father had prepared the service just for us.

As we entered the church we were greeted by people we’d never met before yet they warmly welcomed us and were genuinely glad we were there.

The worship was wonderful and every word the preacher spoke was like it was meant for me, it was as if he was able to look into my heart and see the God size void. Then came the altar call as he asked for every head to bow, eyes closed and no looking around. I’d heard this request a number of times as a child and knew what was next. The preacher asked, “While no one is looking around, if you want to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior slip up your hand.”

Setting with my wife on my left and a battle raging in my mind, not knowing how to pray beyond the children’s prayer of, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” and the “God is good, God is great ” pray for our meals, I prayed my very first prayer, inside my mind, telling God I knew I needed Him yet I didn’t want our home to be divided as my parent’s had been, I quickly raised my right hand, hoping my wife had also complied with the preacher’s instructions of no looking around and hadn’t seen me raise my hand.

With the preacher’s next request for those that had raised their hand to come forward and someone who lead us in a prayer of salvation, the battle intensified in my mind, again, I desperately prayed to the Lord, that I didn’t want our home to be divided, yet I needed to respond by standing and going forward. As I stood up with my eyes still closed, the most wonderful thing happened, my wife’s arm grazed my shoulder as she also stood up. We went forward sobbing tears of repentance mixed with tears of joy. It was miraculous, the Lord received two of His lost children into His kingdom on that glorious Valentine’s Sunday morning more than thirty two years ago.

Thank you Alan for being a friend who cared enough to not relent, God used you not only to save us but call us into ministry.

It’s true, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36 NIV)

Don Shepherd


Two for One