Me, a French Consultant? No Way! There Is ALWAYS Hope, Part 16

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“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” (Revelation 3:20 NIV)

Last week I told about the miracle of multiplication: How God used the Bible Club in our elementary public school to bring many students to Christ. I was so happy with the Bible Club, and I was very content to continue to teach at that school.

Our school board had a whole host of consultants, trained teachers who were responsible for helping other teachers with the various problems that they face in the classroom, and for helping develop curriculum and programs. I had a former colleague who was working at the board office at that time as a French Consultant, but she was due to have a baby, and she needed someone to replace her for the year she would be on maternity leave.

I was aware of the fact that she was searching for a replacement, but because I had no interest whatsoever in becoming a French Consultant, I never even gave it a passing thought. I had been called to the board office, however, for an afternoon workshop, and as I drove, I suddenly saw the office of the French Consultant in my mind in all its details. Now please understand that I had never seen the French Consultant’s office; however, I knew somehow that this is what I was seeing. And to make it even more interesting, I saw myself sitting in the chair behind her desk!

I wondered why God would have given me this little vision. I certainly was NOT interested in filling that maternity leave. I was very happy at my present school, and I knew that the Bible Club needed me! Nonetheless, when my workshop was over, I felt drawn to go and say “hello” to my former colleague.

As I entered her office, my mouth dropped open in amazement. The office was exactly as I had seen it in the vision God had given me… Except, of course, my former colleague was sitting behind the desk…

As we began to chat, it was immediately clear that she had an agenda: She wanted to convince me to take over as French Consultant for the next school year while she was on maternity leave….

If God hadn’t given me that little vision in the car, I would never have even considered applying for the position; but because He did, I realized that this was something I needed to seriously pray about. Two weeks later, I was officially the interim French Consultant for the upcoming school year. I wouldn’t understand until later why God wanted me in this position. All I knew was that I had just experienced God in an incredible way. He had miraculously helped me to understand His will, and at the same time, He had miraculously changed my will to match His.

God’s miracles abound. He uses them to heal us, to comfort us, to further His kingdom — and to guide us! There is ALWAYS Hope!

Rob Chaffart

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Me, a French Consultant? No Way! There Is ALWAYS Hope, Part 16