The Call

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Provision

On Saturday, October 29, we experienced a freak of nature. Strong winds blew in from the west bringing with it biting cold and snow.

Thinking that snow would only be an inch, I pulled out a short winter jacket to keep warm. By 5:30pm, snow was coming down with a fury non pareil and by 6 pm I was sitting in total darkness with an Alzheimer’s patient. Big branches had fallen on our electrical wires outside and cut us off from the rest of the world. The lifeline recording was going non-stop, the indoor alarm from the chair climber was blaring,

and big branches kept on crashing onto the roof and flying into the storm Windows.(I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears psalm 34:4). You are Lord above all. Even the

wind obeys your command.”You promised to sustain us Lord, and will never suffer the righteous to be moved “Ps55:22. As I prayed I heard a loud crashing sound. An oak tree had broken and fallen on the house next door. “Lord have mercy,” “He is a shield unto them them that put their trust in Him” Proverbs 30:5. Although we were surrounded by huge oaks, none of the big trees feel down. The patient assigned to me was at the height of her anxiety and had gotten up, tripped on a chair, tipped over her commode and broken everything in her path.

I shined my flashlight on her and palpated her head and bony arms(and legs) to make sure there were no bruises. Surprisingly she was fine. By that time the heat went out.

“Lord I know you are there and will keep us warm during this turbulent night.” Like an answer to my prayer my cell phone which still had half a charge blinked meaning email had arrived. From out of the blue, our dear brother Richard from A2P had sent a short email saying he had heard of the storm and was praying for us. I burst into tears. How God must love us because even in our darkest moments He reassures us everything is ok.

The night went on without incident. The next morning, officers of the company came down to serve us breakfast and hot coffee. The patient’s son brought muffins and hot coffee. Dinner was provided by a patient’s family. We got extra comforters, a fully charged cell phone and halogen flashlights. Although electricity did not come on till today, November 3,

We were well taken care of. God saw to it that we were. Praise Him!

O give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name: “Make known His deeds among the people.” Ps105:1

Candy Araneta


The Call