The Angel

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Protection

Psalm 91:11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways . . .

My brother and I were having a great time playing ball.  He was batting and I was catching.  We always batted toward the road, as we had already broken too many windows batting toward the house.  Seeing as I was a pretty good catcher and he wasn’t really the best of batters we felt we were quite safe. 

That day however he was at his best and hit a homer, right out of the park, so to speak.  The ball sailed up and out, clearing the 4 lane highway in front of our house.  This wasn’t a problem though as I was past ten and allowed to cross the road by myself.  So very carefully, as Elmer the Safety Elephant always taught, I looked to the right and I looked to the left and then to the right again before running to fetch the ball. 

After its retrieval I went through the procedure again to cross back over.  There was a transport truck barreling my way, but after that the two lanes on my side of the road were clear and although there was traffic coming in the opposing lanes, it was far enough away that I knew I could make a dash and get across.  Thus, grasping the ball firmly in my right hand, I launched myself into a run the second the truck zipped by.  It was then that I heard my brother screaming and out of the corner of my eye saw the station wagon that was tail gating the semi.  My heart leapt as I instinctively knew I was going to be hit, there was no time for the driver to stop or for me to get out of his way.  And then I felt and heard it: a soft rush of air from behind which propelled me into the clear second traffic lane and kept me going as if I had wings on my feet, until I reached brothers side.

How did you ever do that he exclaimed.  There is no way that station wagon could have missed you.  And it was true.  There was no humanly way possible that it could have avoided me, but with God all things are possible, including angels who come to our rescue in the nick of His time.

Perhaps you have not experienced the presence of an angel in your life, but be assured they are real, for God has said through the psalmist:

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

And as I discovered on that fateful day, God is always true to His word.

Prayer:  Father God thank you that you command your angels to guard us in all our ways.  Encourage our hearts this day as we remember that nothing apart from your will can or is going to happen to us now or forever more.  In the wonderful name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

Lynne Phipps  


The Angel