Always Time for You

by | Apr 28, 2019 | God's Love, Priorities, Relationship

1 Thess 1:4 “For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you…” NIV

I believe all of us crave someone who understands and has time for us! We are so accustomed to being needed for something we can offer and not being wanted just because we are who we are; I comprehend those emotions too well. I grew up very misunderstood, for a variety of reasons, and wanted someone-anyone-who would spend time with me and value me as a person. In school I was an outcast and did not fit into the status quo, mostly because I was very overweight and did not come from a very wealthy family: therefore my clothing and appearance reflected that of a very poor, middle-class child. My family was always on the move, my parents working full-time and not acquiring many friends to speak of, so I felt as though nobody had time for me. My soul wanted someone who would show some sort of curiosity, and desire to spend some quality time getting to know me as a person; however it seemed everyone in my world was just too busy.

Did you know the God of the Bible craves time with you? I know this thought seems very farfetched and probably even more difficult to believe; however it is very true. 1 Thessalonians 1:4 tells us God actually chose us to be His people because He loved us so very much – what a sobering thought. God chose you! I don’t know what’s going on in your life, at this very moment, and the loneliness you may be feeling; however God is fully aware of who you are and where you are at, having all the time in the world just for you. You are not a bother to Him; in fact, He loves it when you come to Him with your every concern and care; whereas other people might be just too busy to be distressed with your problems. I don’t believe people mean to be rude or indifferent to other people’s burdens, not always anyway. I think they are so absorbed in their own issues; they cannot stop to lend a helping hand. But I am so eternally grateful for God’s schedule always being open, and His eagerness to commune with my heart makes me grin ear to ear.

I encourage each of you to bring your burdens to the ONE who loves you whole- heartedly, with the knowledge that He is never too busy to listen and help. If a family member, friend, or associate seems to brush you off, as people can sometimes do, just remember: they feel the same way you do, and are looking for someone to be open to them and have time for their needs. God’s schedule has your name written all over it; try your best not to miss an appointment with Him because He desires the opportunity to show you just how much He cares.

Rob Price


Always Time for You