In the Hollow of His Hands

by | Apr 27, 2019 | Poem, Protection, Shelter

I had been praying for God to show me how Awesome He is, so when I was invited to go to the West Virginia Camp Meeting with a couple of my friends, I jumped at the chance to go. They made room for me in their cabin, and I took food for us to help out with the expenses.

The next morning we were waiting for the services to begin when an announcement was made asking if there was anyone there named Norma Wellman. I was so shocked to hear my name called. When I went to the back of the pavilion the Conference President told me that my daughter and my 7 year old granddaughter had been in an automobile accident near Knoxville, Tennessee. I almost fainted. I could hardly walk. They took me to a place where I could call my oldest son. He told me that his sister was okay, but my granddaughter was in intensive care.

When I talked with my daughter she was so upset and wanted me to come down to where they were. I had no way or the means of getting there. Others wanted to take up a collection for a bus ticket, but I wouldn’t let them, because at the Camp Meeting they were trying to raise money for a project at the Camp Grounds. They called it The Past President’s Pitiful Poor Pocket Fund where people would walk up to the past Presidents and put money in their shirt pockets for this project. I didn’t feel right to let money be taken away from that.

My friends kept trying to find out if someone was driving to that area, but couldn’t find anyone. One of them saw the mother of a Pastor whose wife was the daughter of one of her church members whom she had always wanted to meet. She introduced herself and asked the woman if she was going to stay for the whole Camp Meeting. She said she couldn’t because she had to go to a wedding in Tennessee. This friend got so excited and asked her where she was going. The woman told her and she was disappointed because it wasn’t near Knoxville. The woman told her that she was driving right by Knoxville and had been praying for someone to ride with her because she had trouble staying awake when she drives long distances. Isn’t God Good! This woman’s son, was presenting a seminar at the Camp Meeting that showed the Awesomeness of God that I had been praying for God to show me. He was told this and gave me the brochures of the seminars. Before I left one of my friends gave me $20 to help out with expenses. I gave it to my daughter when she needed it most. I took some of the food with me that I had brought to the Camp Meeting so I had plenty to eat.

God provided a way for me to get to Knoxville, a place for me to stay near the hospital, and after my granddaughter was able to travel, a way for me to get to my daughter’s place in another state, and then back home in such a miraculous way. I even got to visit my oldest son who lived not far from his sister, and then my youngest son and his family on the way home. My granddaughter has mended and is doing great! God is so good. He worked everything out for the best. I not only learned about God’s Awesomeness, He showed me His Awesomeness! What a Friend!!!


God holds us in the hollow of His hand
When things go wrong and we don’t understand.
With mercy and kindness He leads the right way,
When this life’s highway has taken us astray

by Norma Wellman


In the Hollow of His Hands