Our Nature Walk

by | May 3, 2018 | Creation, Treasure

Watching my Grandchildren was quite an experience for me. I realized how blessed I was to be doing that. When winter rolled its angry cold away, we were always so glad to go outside. On our outings, we would go for a nature walk…

Our nature walk consisted of collecting different types of leaves, weeds, rocks, and anything they associated with nature. We would take a small bag and put all the goodies into it so they could glue them on the poster board at home.

We always made a point of discussing what they found and what they liked about it. Not only was this good exercise, it amazed me at what they would pick up.

On this particular walk, we went to explore the fields behind our house. We stirred up rabbits that would run away. The kids loved that they would giggle and giggle. Kelsey and Joshua would ask about the field. They were never short on questions. They were walking in the back yard looking for treasures to share. I checked my flowerbeds that were a disaster. I heard Kelsey and Joshua yelling so I quickly went toward them. It was then that I saw a small green grass snake in Kelsey’s hands. First off, I hate snakes. I stopped running and waited until they reached me. They were so excited about finding such a big worm.

I found myself stepping back the closer they came. I whispered, “O God, help me with this one.”

Kelsey reached me and started to hand me the snake. Control, I thought, I must get control of this situation now… I ignored the small hands that were reaching toward me wanting me to take the snake. I looked at them and said, “My, look what you two found. Where in the world did you get him? Listen you two that is not a worm, it is a snake. We do not pick up snakes, they could be dangerous.”

Their eyes got so big and wide. Kelsey was still trying to give me the snake.

I did not want the snake. I wanted the snake gone.

“Ok, where did you find this snake?

Joshua almost yelled, “In the field Nana. Are you sure it is not a big worm?”

I looked at the snake again, yes, that would be one big worm. Taking a deep breath, I asked them to show me where they picked it up. “O Lord, please don’t let there be any more snakes.”

I followed them to the field and they both pointed to a spot where they found the worm, I mean snake. I knelt down and said, “Let’s let the snake go home to be with his family. He probable really misses them.”

Both Kelsey and Joshua shook their heads. Kelsey said, “No Nana, we are going to keep him.”

If I knew one thing, it was they were not going to keep that snake.

“No, we cannot keep the snake. We need to let him go home, now.”

Kelsey put the snake down and it slithered into the field. Both of the kids looked so disappointed. All I felt was relief.

I took their hands and we walked to the house. I explained why they should never pick up a snake. They both seemed to understand what I was telling them. I stressed that snakes can be dangerous and we must not pick them up anytime.

We picked up our bag filled with treasures and went into the house to glue them on the poster board. Sometimes ones treasures can be like a small green grass snake that needs to stay away from Nana.

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Our Nature Walk