Broken…Still Beautiful

by | May 3, 2018 | Beauty

My wife, Marianne, loves hummingbirds. I’ve watched her sit on our deck for hours waiting for one to come by.

We get the magazine, “Birds and Blooms” and in it are pictures of people hand feeding these magnificent creations of God. I also see photos of many gathered around colorful feeders in back yards.

We get one. Just one bird flies by the three feeders we have placed in the proper location in our yard.

Still, waiting for that one is a thrill.

Like the one I ordered from my friend, Don Merrell.

The hand blown glass ornament delicately crafted by the master craftsman arrived today. I was so excited. It was a surprise for my wife.

I carefully opened the box and cleared away the styrofoam peanuts to find a box inside the box. Like a kid at Christmas, I was anxiously awaiting to see the gift inside.

Opening that box, I found dozens of soft, thick tissue wrap cradling the treasure.

As I unfolded it I could hear a “clinking” sound.

“Not good!” I thought to myself.

One after another I unfolded the wrap until I discovered that this incredible glass ornament was broken.

So was my heart. Not just because I wanted to give it to my wife, but because so much work went into it. The colors were beautiful. The intricate detail of the bird must have taken hours to perfect.

But there it was in three pieces.

I immediately took a picture of it and emailed it to Don and followed up with a phone call.

Within a short time he returned my call.

I had never spoken to him before, you see he’s one of my “friends I’ve never met.”

“Don, I am so sorry!” I said immediately.

His calm, deep voice began to sooth my spirit. I was more upset about it than he was.

“Bob, it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen,” he assured me as he chuckled a bit.

It came all the way from North Carolina, from the hands that made it, wrapped it, carefully boxed it and shipped it to arrive here in three pieces.

“Don, I’m sending the piece back to you today,” I said. “Maybe you can reuse parts of it for something.”

Later when he replied to my email, he wrote, “You were right. It really took a hit!”

He kept apologizing to me. It wasn’t necessary. I know first hand that these things happen. I’ve shipped many of my mugs to customers and over the years a few arrived broken even though I, too, packed them carefully.

“I have another in that color. It will be sent tomorrow,” he said.

We talked for a few minutes and when I hung up I felt better about the whole thing.

But here’s the most remarkable thing about this. Even though this fine piece of art work was broken, it still was beautiful. I mean, in three pieces, it was stunning, so now I can only imagine what it will look like whole.

There’s a deeper story here. You know there always is.

There’s another Master Craftsman. His handiwork is undeniably beautiful. He painstakingly creates it, too, and sometimes as it travels through life it gets damaged and broken.

But these pieces cannot be replaced. They are much too valuable, unique and created not just to add to the world, but to be a reflection of the Creator. An art work with a purpose.

They can’t be sent back for repair, He does it right where they are. Some are slightly chipped. Some broken in two. Sadly, others are broken in a million pieces, but that does not mean it can’t be whole again.

Come on, you know what I am talking about. You!

You’ve been broken. You’ve been whole and broken again.

But just like that glass ornament you were still beautiful.

Give the Creator a call. You’ll hear a calm, deep, voice. He’ll tell you “it’s okay, it happens. You really took a hit!”

Then if you permit Him, He will begin to repair your brokenness, but He can only do it if you trust and believe. Like my friend who creates from glass, it will take time.

In the mean time remember…you may be broken, but you are still beautiful.

Bob Perks


Broken…Still Beautiful