by | May 2, 2018 | Acceptance, Helping

I think of all the questions we ask, “Why?” May be the the most powerful.

We ask it of God…”Why?”

Then we wait patiently expecting an answer.

He does answer, but most of the time we choose not to hear Him.

It’s a filter we humans have that helps us to only hear what we want to hear.

When I ask God “Why?” I hear Him say, “Why not?”

I believe He does it because he created us to think on our own.

It forces us to come to a decision, react to it and do something about it.

But…We don’t always do something about it.

“Why?” Because taking action gets us involved. Getting involved is not our first choice. We always want to know “Why” But we also want to know who to blame. Blaming someone else is easier than taking on the challenge ourselves.

“God, why did that happen?”

“Why not?” God says.

“Someone should do something about that!” We respond.

God says, “You are someone.”

“Why me?”

God says, “Why not?”

Then we stop asking God and lose faith.

Why? Because when we don’t get the answer we want, it must mean that God doesn’t exist. The God we want to believe in gives you everything you want.

No, my friend.

He gives you everything you need.

But He expects you to go get it.

Look around you right now. Everything you see was once simply a thought.

The chairs, tables, rugs, computer, lights…everything.

Everything also came from the earth. God created the earth and everyone in it…including you.

So, everything came from someone who asked, “Why?” Heard, “Why not?”

But the difference was, they did something about it.

The next time you ask God, “Why?” Expect to get involved with the solution.

“Why not?”

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