Take Advantage of the Storm

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Trials

Answers to life can be found in everyday events. Watching nature, watching people and watching animals interact with each other provides some of the simplest solutions to life’s biggest problems.

This became more apparent to me yesterday.

It caused me to ask myself, “How do I respond to the storms in life?”

People run when it starts to rain. I love to walk in it.

My wife, hates thunder. I love to stand on my front porch and feel it. I grew up doing it and never really felt the fear many people do when a bolt of lightening flashes and the windows rattle in my house.

I remember a religious sister telling how wonderful the storm was the night before. “Oh, the power of God!” She proclaimed.

They have proven that the animal world senses far in advance changes in the weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and approaching storms.

My dog, Ricky begins to shake long before the storm is close enough to notice.

I was about to feed my three dogs yesterday and as usual, I let them out in the yard first.

They weren’t even off the deck when thunder rolled across the skies and they did an immediate about face.

I have learned long ago that there is no sense forcing them to remain there. They will accomplish nothing.

So, I placed their food in their bowls and called Ricky into the kitchen. If he could have crawled any closer to the floor he’d be a snake.

I thought he’d never eat, but he began to do so and I walked away.

Phil shakes like one of those old electric football games that vibrated the players across the field. So I expected nothing from him.

Upon my return to the kitchen Ricky was just standing there in place next to his bowl.

I always mix a little white meat chicken in his food. He apparently was brave enough to eat some it right out of the dry food leaving most everything else.

The thunder became louder and more frequent. The wind caused a few branches to bang against the roof thus forcing him to abandon his meal.

I urged him to go lie down and he did.

Then I watched Phil. Shaking like a wind up toy he made his way across the tiled kitchen floor and stood over Ricky’s bowl.

He ate all the remaining tiny pieces of chicken and a few of the dry.

Normally, if Ricky was standing there, he wouldn’t dare come close.

But today, he took advantage of the storm.

In spite of his fear, he saw an opportunity to get what he wanted. His desire for the prize outweighed his fear of the storm.

That’s when it hit me. There was a powerful lesson in it for me and I hope for you.

As humans we face all kinds of storms. They roll in unannounced, pass through quickly or stay for much too long.

Sometimes we crawl into a corner or pull the blankets of false security over our heads and shake and shiver praying it will all pass so we can get on with life.

If you dare stick your head out for a moment you might be surprised to discover there are people out there in the same storms doing what they must do to get what they must have out of life.

Most storms are like those natural storms. Yes, there is the reality of experiencing some damage or loss, but for the most part they are all thunder and lightening putting on a show of God’s magnificent power.

Isn’t it time you decided to “Take Advantage of the Storm?”

Bob Perks 2believe@comcast.net


Take Advantage of the Storm