Lost Little Boy

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Salvation

It happens. In a blink of an eye, a sudden turn of your head, something grabs your attention for a moment and when you look back, you have no idea where you are or where everyone went.

Shopping malls, parks, picnics, at the beach or any where large crowds gather, the potential for getting lost or feeling lost exists.

Years ago when I worked in retail I often times would find parent and child separated in the store.

It just meant someone wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know why, but the memory of one such moment came to me yesterday.

I worked in a large, local department store which offered all the necessities of life much like the chain stores of today.

One day I found a young boy wandering down the aisle in my department. His whimpering, sniffling and periodic moaning first caught my attention.

I thought for sure it was simply another child who was told “No, you can’t have that toy!” The toy department nearby was the first place the kids headed. My department was the first place moms headed. I worked in cosmetics, personal products and candy.

As the sounds of the child continued I decided to investigate.

There, two aisles down, I found the little boy sitting on the floor. Tear soaked and in need of a little attention, I approached him asking, “Is your mommy lost?”

He looked up and said, “I don’t think so. Why, did you find one?”

I smiled and sat down on the floor next to him.

Now, I hate even mentioning this, but in today’s world under “fear of being misunderstood,” I would hesitate to do what I did back then.

These were different times. A hug was a hug, a pat on the head was caring and holding a lost child’s hand as you walked to the customer service desk to report a “Lost parent” was acceptable.

I brought him over to the candy department first and along the way got his name and hometown so we could easily reconnect parent and child.

We always seemed to have a bag or two of candy that was “accidentally” opened by my manager, Betty. I gave him his choice and told him to pick out one for mommy, too.

Off in the distance I could hear someone calling his name.

“Billy! Billy, where are you?”

As we approached the woman a smile came to his face. He let go of my hand and ran toward her embrace.

She went on to explain how this all must have happened. I had heard it all before. That “split second,” that “just turned my head” was all too familiar.

But what wasn’t familiar to me was her response afterwards.

“Whack!” Yes, she slapped his back end and began to scream at him. “whack!” Again.

She shook him like I’ve never seen before.

“Don’t you ever…. whack!”

It was not my place to say anything. I wanted to. I desperately wanted to.

She then turned to me and said, “Thank you!” And began to walk away.

I shouted, “Wait! Billy, did you forget?”

Billy, again looking tear soaked and scared more than before, turned back to look at me.

His eyes begged for me to step in, but I couldn’t.

“Billy, you forgot to give your mommy her present.”

“Mom, when we found each other, I offered him a piece of candy. He immediately asked if he could have one for his mommy, didn’t you Billy?”

He slowly nodded his head in agreement and a bit of confusion.

Mom was stunned. She knelt down next to him, gave him a hug and they walked out the door hand in hand.

Maybe that’s why I remembered this story today.

I’ve been lost. I’ve been found and lost again and again. I never feared being found because my loving Father always welcomed me back. He wrapped his arms around me and reminded me that I was never out of His sight.

I just “felt” lost. Sometimes we all do. Permit me to remind you that when that happens know that your Father knows exactly where you are and if you listen you’ll hear Him calling your name.

I once was lost, but now I’m found Was blind, but now I see.

Amazing isn’t it?

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Lost Little Boy