It’s Free!

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Gifts, Love

I was doing my monthly bills again recently. The stack was huge, so I took a moment to enjoy the balance at the top of the page. Then I clutched my pen and started to write check after check to pay bill after bill while the balance got smaller and smaller with each one.

I finally finished and looked at what was left. The ending balance wasn’t much. It amazed me just how much everything costs these days. I looked down again at the tiny amount left over and sighed. It was then, however, that I felt someone behind me. I turned and saw my youngest son smiling down on me. His handicapped mind had no concept of money, yet his gentle spirit seemed to know that I could use his smile right then. I put my pen down, got up from the table, and gave my boy a hug. I rested my chin on his shoulder, patted him on the back, and thanked God one more time for giving him to me. At that moment I felt like the richest man in the entire world. I thanked God again for helping me to see the truth that the most priceless thing in this whole world is free.

Love is a greater treasure than all the crown jewels that ever sat on a Queen’s head. Love is more precious than every ounce of gold that was ever mined from the ground. Love is more valuable than all the stocks and bonds that Wall Street ever sold. Love is what we are here for.

Love is what life is all about. And love is free!

The next time then that your pockets are empty, the next time that your bank balance is low, the next time that you don’t have a thin dime to your name remember that the most valuable thing in this life doesn’t cost a cent. Love is a gift from God that we are all free to share. It brings us more joy than all the money in the world and the more we give it away the more of it we have in our hearts, souls, and lives.

Joe Mazzella


It’s Free!