Coming Unhinged

by | Apr 30, 2018 | God's Plans, Will of God

Proverbs 26:14 “As a door turns back and forth on its hinges, so the lazy person turns over in bed.” (NLT)

“All she does is lie around and sleep.” A remark I periodically make. But one my wife doesn’t appreciate.

We are the proud owners of a Himalayan cat. A product of an abused home, my wife saw her pitiful face on the Internet while looking at pets available for adoption.

“Isn’t she cute,” came next. My family was dog lovers when I was growing up, and neither of my parents cared one iota for cats. With rare exception, I have carried on the tradition. Except now.

One thing harder to resist than our cat’s cute face is my wife’s pouched out lip when she wants something and is trying to persuade me to give in. So I did. And Moosha came home with us.

By nature, Himalayan’s are lazy cats and Moosha is true to nature. Food, water, bed and a litter box and she’s set. The rest of her day consists of snoozing. Occasionally she will rise, turn in a circle, then continue her cat nap.

If you’re a pet lover, you’ve probably thought, “Boy, that’s the life.” I have. Nothing to do but what I want. Food and water are provided along with shelter. No deadlines. No work. No diapers to change or ball games to attend. Just come when the masters call, bark or meow, lick their faces and wag my tail.

But is life really about no goals? Just eating and sleeping? A door will open and close but it doesn’t go anywhere. It hangs around on the same hinges. A lazy person is the same. No goals met because none were made. Hinged behavior leads nowhere.

Life is more exciting and productive with objectives. Especially in God’s work. We may not reach them all but at least we are moving forward. So put up a few targets. Read the Bible through in a year. Pray for someone in prison. Be kind to a stranger. Spend time with a young boy whose father left home. Donate to a worthy cause. Volunteer at a local food bank. You’ll be amazed how beneficial your unhinged behavior can be.

Prayer: Father, guide me to the goals that will honor You and help me fulfill Your plan for my life.

Martin Wiles
Harleyville, South Carolina, USA


Coming Unhinged