Buy One, Get One Free

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Salvation

As I open the newspaper everyday or walk past a hoarding or switch on the TV I often come across the freebies offered to consumers. “Buy one: Get one Free” is the slogan of today’s marketing. You buy a pressure cooker and a frying pan is free; you buy a cot and the mattress is free. Incentives everywhere are attracting the masses to “BUY”. As I pondered this, I realized that we, as followers of Christ, need to realize all that we have received even without asking (let alone buying). The roles are reversed. We have been bought for a price – a price that only God and His son paid. All we have to do was accept that valuable gift, cherish it, remembering we do not merit it, yet has been given it. And when Christ comes into our lives:

Realize you have been Chosen. This entitles you to Claim the promises of God. Remember you now belong to a Covenant keeping God who never fails and to HIM nothing is impossible.

When we let the Biggest C (Christ) come into our lives, with HIM comes:

Folks… the package of freebies that come with Christ is neither measurable nor countable. So what are you waiting for?? Take Him, and with Him comes everything that money cant buy or plastic cards can ever pay!

Remember this offer never ends… but your time is running out!

Jayashree Augustine
Answers2Prayer Volunteer


Buy One, Get One Free