God’s Word

by | May 6, 2017 | Bible, Poem

Someone changed my Saviors’ words, they took out this and threw out that;
What has it gotten us, just take a look at where we’re at.
They removed the heart of the word, they erased the soul of the message;
Now like a blindman searching, we struggle to find the passage.  

The Holy Spirit is still moving……moving all over the land;
Sweeping across this world, trying to save the souls of man.
Feel deep inside yourself, there’s a movement taking place;
No matter what man says or does, God can not be erased.  

God’s word is infallible, for it will stand the test of time;
From the days of Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob, leading back to the Holy Vine.
From a child born in a manger, to the Lamb of God hanging on a cross;
As-long-as one Christian takes a stand, God’s word will never be lost.    

His Servant
Pat Finn
Prayer Warrior at Answers2Prayer.org


God’s Word