Why Is He Recalculating?

by | May 4, 2017 | Guidance, Trust

It’s not fair. I was very proud of my job as the navigator for the family. Back in 1996 we moved to Orlando for hubby to take on the job of Director of Merchandise, for Walt Disney World.

A dream come true for our three small sons, but a bit of a nightmare for me. Looking for a house with no sight was a dreaded task for this blind gal.

“I forgot,” I said to hubby. “Where did you say the bedrooms are in relation to the family room?”

The lay-out of the dozen houses we visited made me dizzy. Pretty soon they all looked the same in my mind.

But when we finally chose the right one, my job became easier. I walked through each room, felt each wall, and painted a map of the house in my head. Pretty soon, I was familiar and could navigate easily.

“Tell me the name of the streets,” I asked from the passenger’s seat. As hubby named each one, I drew a map in my head and became so familiar with our new city that I could tell anyone how to get from point A to point B. Not bad for a blind gal.

But my job was snatched away when that newfangled GPS came out. No one asked me for directions anymore. And I was no longer the navigator for our family. Instead, we had to listen to that bossy gal from the dashboard giving us orders.

Sometimes we think she’s wrong, so we ignore her directions and take our own route.

But without fail, after a few wrong turns, her voice chimes through. In a calm, confident tone, she says, “recalculating.”

I confess. When I lost my sight, I took off through the streets of self-pity. Sometimes, I drove into ditches of discouragement. And confused, I ran into dead ends of hopelessness.

Then after way too many wrong turns, fatigued and dizzy, I heard His voice–God’s voice, direct yet loving, saying “recalculating.”

He recalculated my life. Not an easy job, but He turned me around. And pointing me in the direction of His grace, He call out each turn. The first one was where I’d learn to lean on Him. The next was to follow His instructions for confidence, reassurance and peace.

Then, He named each corner where the terrain would be rough, the obstacles too numerous and the way uncertain. But with each mile, His voice, steady and calm, guided the path. Until finally, he announced, “Arriving at destination on right.”

The destination came into view and the scenery glowed with hope. I settled in, tasting the flavor of reassurance and the sweetness of renewed confidence.

What about you, friend? Are you in the middle of a recalculating stage in your life? Maybe God is aware of your self-designed map. He’s watched the wrong turns you took and observed your anguish of confusion at every corner.

Good news: No matter how far we’ve traveled from the correct route, He’s always willing to recalculate, ushering us away from the crooked way and straightening our path. And in the vehicle of His love, He longs to take us to the destination marked joy, significance and success.

That’s why we celebrate Christmas. That’s why we don’t rely on our senses for directions. Instead, we trust in His GPS (God’s Plan for Salvation). He planned the birth of His son Jesus, He allowed His death and ordered His resurrection. And it’s that process that recalculated and re-directed the destiny of mankind.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Janet Perez Eckles jeckles@cfl.rr.com


Why Is He Recalculating?