Heaven Shines Through

by | May 4, 2017 | Love

When I was a boy Heaven seemed a far off place beyond the clouds and above the sky. As I grew older and wiser, though, Heaven seemed to grow closer and nearer as well. Now I can see that Heaven can be everywhere even in each of us. In fact, there have been many instances in my life when love opened a window to my soul and Heaven shined through.

Here are just a few of those moments when the light of Heaven brightened my day here on Earth. There was huddling close by the stove with my brothers on those cold Winter days when I was a boy. There was the sweet sound of the first birds singing in the trees to herald the coming of Spring. There was seeing the Sun majestically rising over the hillside at dawn. There was hearing a cat purring on my lap and feeling a dog licking my hand. There was sitting down to a family dinner after a long, hard day at work. There was hearing those wonderful words, “I Love You!” And there was saying those wonderful words, “I Love You!”

Those moments are just the beginning, however. There was also every time I ever held a sleeping baby in my arms. There was every moment I stopped to help someone in need. There was every time I read something that both cleared my mind and touched my heart. There was every instance I started a prayer with ” I love you dear God and I thank you for my life.” There was every time I did something good with no thought of reward. There was every moment I took time to play with children or to listen to an elderly soul share the stories of their life. There was every second I spent sharing encouraging words, doing kind acts, and giving out loving hugs.

Heaven shines through to our lives here on Earth. It is carried on the beams of love. Heaven can be as close as the beat of our own hearts. And God can make a forever home inside our souls. We need only to welcome Him in.

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Heaven Shines Through