Works in Progress

by | May 7, 2016 | Anger, Forgiveness, New Life, Spiritual Growth

I snapped at my son today. In a moment of frustration I scolded him over something trivial that I could have easily ignored. I saw the hurt in his eyes after I did it and apologized to him. Afterwards, I gave him a hug, reminded him of what a good son he is, and told him how proud I am of him. Still, I wished I could have taken back what I said earlier.

Later in the day I was in the store getting a few items for dinner. An elderly lady was stretching in vain to reach something on a high self. I walked over and asked if I could help. She said,”Yes” and I got what she needed down for her. She then thanked me for the helping hand and I told her it was my pleasure. I left the store feeling both happier and closer to God.

How do I reconcile that frustrated Father I was earlier in the day with the smiling, good Samaritan I was later in the afternoon? The answer is simple. I am still a work in progress. In truth, we are all works in progress from the second of our birth to the moment of our death. We are here to learn to love, to grow in love, to share our love, and to become one with our Heavenly Father’s love. It may seem simple but it isn’t always easy. It takes a lifetime too. That is why no matter how many times we stumble and fall it is important to rise up, to ask God’s forgiveness, to dust ourselves off, and to begin again to love with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. At the end of our lives only one thing matters: how much we loved.

I know that my son will forgive me for my short temper earlier today. I know that God will forgive me too. Like everyone else I still have a lot of work to do to become the person I want to be. Thankfully, God is patient with me. I know too that the job of growing into our goodness can mainly be done with laughter, smiles, and great joy. Yes, we are all works in progress, but we still can have the time of our lives becoming better for God.

Joseph J. Mazzella   


Works in Progress