The Fibrone

by | May 7, 2016 | Experiencing God, Miracles

I have my friend Joan who is 34 years old and now a mother of 2 children. The first one, a girl who is 7 years old and the second one, a little boy who is 2 months old.

Before she could have the second child, we prayed to God so many times, her mother in law started to create problems and accusing her of been sterile.

I personally took her to hospital to consult a doctor. After different tests, the doctor confirmed that she could not get pregnant because she had a “fibrone” in her uterus.

She went to 2 others doctors who confirmed the diagnostic and suggested that she needed an urgent surgery.

I begged her to go back to the hospital for the surgery and in tears, she told me that she was tired. She had already had 2 surgeries before and she could not go back the third time.

In anger, she confessed that, she believed she is God’s servant. If God wanted her to suffer the way she is suffering, let the shame go back to God and not to her.

She reminded me that God had done and still continued doing miracles in people ‘s life. If God had decided to ignore her, let it be.

She started crying again.

Her husband, her sister and I were there to help her and at a certain point, she forgot her pain.

4 months later, her brother-in-law had a heart attack and passed away. She was so broken that she started feeling pain in her stomach. When she went back at the hospital: she was so surprised to be congratulated by the nurse who confirmed that she was 5 weeks pregnant.

She went to see her former doctor for other test because we were so afraid of the fibrone inside her uterus.

At our big surprise, there was no fibrone, but the baby was there , safe and comfortably positioned.

He is 2 moths old now and her name is Tracy.

I have personally never experienced God’s miracle but i can assure you that i saw this one.

Glory be to the Lord!

Florence Siewe Songa, Akwa Douala, Republique du Cameroun


The Fibrone