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For Thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy. Psalm 61:3 (KJV)

Most of our Daily Devotion readers have not heard of a company named Vivos.

Vivos is not a big company, but it is a firm that has done very well for itself during the present financial downturn. Indeed, the president of the company says business has doubled every year for the last five.

And what does Vivos manufacture?

Vivos builds doomsday shelters. That’s right, if you’re afraid of asteroids, nuclear attack, tsunamis, then Vivos is the company for you. It will build a shelter it claims is able to sustain underground life for a period of an entire year.

Jason Hodge, a man who recently bought a Vivos shelter, says, “It’s an investment in life. I want to make sure I have a place I can take me and my family if that worst-case scenario were to happen.”

While I most certainly hope the shelter is never needed, I wonder if Hodge and other shelter owners have been equally conscientious in making an “investment for life” in regard to the day of humanity’s judgment.

When Jesus returns to judge the quick and the dead, a Vivos shelter — as well-planned as it may be — won’t do much good. On Judgment Day, the Vivos shelter will just be an expensive underground white elephant.

Indeed, no man-made facility will be able to provide a safe haven from the moment when Jesus separates the believers from the unbelievers.

Of course, Judgment Day doesn’t have to be a frightening event. It doesn’t have to mean death and destruction.

Those who have Holy Spirit-given faith in Jesus as their Savior have been forgiven of their sins. They know that Jesus’ return is a day to which they can look forward. They trust the forgiveness Jesus has won for them through His life, death, and resurrection is complete, and Judgment Day will be the beginning of their never-ending time with the Lord.

Now, I don’t know what preparations you have made for the unknown future. But I do pray that you, and all those you know, have a faith which anticipates Jesus’ return with gladness.

THE PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, I give thanks that because Jesus has carried my sins and forgiven me of all I have done wrong, the Day of Judgment holds no fear. Now I ask that You will send the Holy Spirit upon this lost world so others may also know the peace which comes from being adopted into the family of faith. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Pastor Ken Klaus
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