Infinite Power

by | May 7, 2016 | Poem, Power

Lord, I saw Your face on the hillside,
When I looked up toward the trees.
I heard Your voice in a songbird,
As it fluttered in the evening breeze.  

I felt Your touch from a butterfly,
That landed on my right arm.
Then, I saw Your beauty, in a blanket of lilies,
Near an old abandoned farm.  

Lord, Your presence is all around us,
If we’ll just take the time to look;
From the biggest whale, in the ocean,
To a minnow, in a babbling brook.  

The earth, the sun, the moon, and stars
All testify to how great Thou art.
Lord, Your Spirit fills up the universe
And moves like the wind upon the face of the earth.  

Lord, there’s no other God so faithful and true,
No other Omniscient in the likeness of You.
No graven image could ever withstand
The infinite power that You hold in Your hand.  

© 2010 by Vickie Lambdin


Infinite Power