I See God

by | May 7, 2016 | Kindness

“Sometimes it is so hard to believe in a God that you can’t see.” These were the words at the end of a letter a friend sent me. It was full of the pain and suffering that life often brings. My friend had endured so much in his young life and his latest tragedy had even made him doubt his lifelong faith.

I pondered his words as I looked out my window. The cool breeze was gently swaying the trees back and forth. I walked outside and felt its tender touch on my own face while the branches of a mighty Oak seemed to wave to me. Then I smiled because I knew that God had given me the answer my friend needed.

This is what I wrote back to him. “My friend, I can’t see the wind, but I still know it is there.

I can see its affect on the trees as they dance in its breeze. I can feel its gentle kiss on my cheek.

I can watch as it lifts a fallen leaf and makes it dance and fly through the air. In the same way I can’t see God’s face while I am here on Earth, but I still know He is here. I can see the affect He has on countless souls. I can feel His gentle love flow through so many human hearts. I can watch as He lifts a fallen person and helps them to dance and fly once again.

I can see God in a thousand kind acts everyday. He smiles in every person’s smile. He greets us in every friendly wave. He touches us in every heartfelt hug. He inspires us in every caring thought. He uplifts us in every encouraging word. His love lives in our love and His life lives in each of our lives. He will carry you through this pain and loss you are facing and lead you back to love and joy once again. Remember, we all can see God if we only look through the eyes of our hearts. Open yours to His love and allow Him to heal you now.” May all of you who read this see God in your lives as well.

Joseph J. Mazzella joemazzella@frontier.com


I See God