I Heard You, Mom!

by | May 9, 2015 | Mother's Day

My Mom’s been on my mind lately. There are things I need to ask of her and I can’t. There are moments when I think she would have the answer and I can’t ask her. There are times when I wonder how different my life would be today if Mom hadn’t died from cancer in ’72.

But she did. So I hold closely to my heart memories of Mom.

As I picture right now, I see her with an apron on and a spoon in her hand. She was about 5’4″ a bit over weight and she loved life. She made the best chocolate cup cakes. While other Mom’s spread the icing thin, she layered it on. They were the first to sell at the school bake sales. I even bought them.

She loved to laugh. She watched the Mike Douglas Show daily and found the comedy of Tottie Fields to be the best. (If you can remember this, you’re showing your age)

But there was the quirky side of Mom. Oh, I can hear her right now saying “Don’t you dare tell them those stories.” But to best understand her I must.

We had a small brown and white Terrier named Skipper. One day Mom came home and scolded me for giving the dog chocolate candy.

“Mom, I didn’t!” I proclaimed. “Oh, yes? Then what’s this?”

She said firmly while holding this soft, mushy Tootsie Roll looking item in between her fingers.

“Oh, Mom. Smell it!” I said. You guessed it. Dog doo.

Things always seemed to center around my dog and I, for one day upon her return she was holding the dog in her arms, as if cradling a baby. As I stood near by petting him, she quietly asked, “Bobbie, why do you have your hand on the dog’s belly.

“I don’t Mom” I replied.

” Don’t tell me. I can feel your finger.” She said.

I held both my hands up in the air in proof. She started laughing so hard that at first she couldn’t explain herself to me. Besides she was embarrassed. Did I mention Skipper was male?

Oh, Mom don’t be mad at me. They laughed with you not at you. Besides, I’d rather remember those moments than our final moments together. I could hear that sound, that rattle in your lungs that the nurse had warned me about. You tried speaking to us and I couldn’t understand you. I questioned you and you got angry and started crying. I felt terrible.

I called Dad from work and told him to rush home. We were all together one last time as you took you last breath. Oh, God you were much too young to leave. We needed you so many times since then. Like when Keith and Evan were born. I would have loved to see you holding them. Then when Keith had cancer.

Mom I needed to ask you what to do. I was afraid he’d die, too.

I cried out for you the day we found out. I heard you. You told me not to worry. But I did.

Times have been wonderful and challenging. But through it all I did remember what you always said:

“If you’ve tried and have not won. Do not stop for crying. For all that’s good is in patience done. But most of all by trying.”

Mary Perks

I’m trying Mom. But I still miss you! Happy Mother’s Day!

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I Heard You, Mom!