Down in the Valley

by | May 9, 2015 | Poem, Trials

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Don’t you worry, fret, or pout;
God is in control, He will work things out.
Just trust in Him and seek His plans
Because, we know, our fate is in His hands.  

God knows how it feels to suffer loss.
He felt it, too, when Jesus died on the cross.
He knows pain and suffering are a part of this life.
But when the anguish is finished, it will be worth the price.  

There is a pot of gold, at the end of our pain;
Just like the sunshine, after a rain.
If we’ll just trust in Him until the battle is won,
We’ll rise up victorious; like His precious Son.  

When we’re down in the valley, the valley so low,
Christ knows it’s the valley in which we all grow.
But if we hold on to Christ, we will rise to the top
Until our pain is all gone and our suffering stops.   

© 2010 by Vickie Lambdin


Down in the Valley