Auto Ferry

by | May 9, 2015 | Direction, God's Plans, Guidance, Surrender

John 1:51 Jesus said…”I tell you- you shall see heaven opened,”

Once, when I was in Quebec, Canada, I watched the auto ferry travel back and forth across the St. Laurent River.The boat arrived at the dock near our hotel, drop the ramp, and cars would load on.

While on the ferry, people had an opportunity to get out of their cars or stay inside. I noticed that some folks mingled with others in a friendly manner. Others just sat in their car for the journey, reading or perhaps contemplating the day ahead. Some entire families got out of their car, and stayed close together. When all these folks arrived on the other side- their destination- the boat jockeyed into position, perfectly aligned for the cars to disembark.

God is my auto ferry. All I had to do to come aboard was to believe Jesus as God’s son and accept Him as my Savior. I do not need to worry about my destination- for He will take me to the other side my final destination which is heaven. The question is- how do I spend my time on board? That would be the time which God has given me before I reach my eternal resting spot. Am I very social- spreading Gods’ love and His joy wherever I go? Do I stay isolated, reading God’s Word and filling myself with spiritual food? Or, do I spend that time only with my family- in a cocoon of security? I believe it is a balance of all three to which God calls me.

I am thankful I have boarded Gods’ ferry. Are you on board, too? Aren’t we blessed to know where His boat will dock- and where our final destination is located.

Marion Smith
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Auto Ferry