All the Angels Bow

by | May 9, 2015 | Angels, Poem, Reverance

Mention His precious name, and all the angels fold their wings and bow; 
With reverence due only to Him, they show how much they truly care.
Saying, “Praise to our Lord God, let His mercy, love and grace ring”;
Lifting high their mighty voices, His praises they do sing.  

All belongs to Him, the one who paid the price;
Hail to the King of kings, our beloved Jesus Christ.
None worthy came before Him, and after Him no one worthy came;
For the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are all one in the same.  

Glory to God in the highest, the one and only great I Am;
Praise be to Jesus Christ, the holy, innocent Lamb.
Holy Ghost that comes upon you, flowing through your soul, heart and mind;
The one from the manger……leads us back to the Holy Vine.  

Pat Finn


All the Angels Bow