When One Voice

by | May 8, 2015 | Poem, Unity

When one voice cries out in the dark of night;
When one voice speaks loud enough, it can set things right.
When one voice is preaching God’s holy word;
And one voice is teaching all that they have heard.

Then that one voice is enough to do God’s holy will;
By preaching, teaching and reaching every lost soul til it is healed.
Let that one voice be yours, til His work on Earth is done;
Never stopping til God sends back Jesus Christ, His holy innocent Son.

As-long-as there is one voice that can not be stilled;
Then that one voice can do God’s holy will.
That one voice, alone, can set things right;
For that one voice can be a beacon, that changes darkness into light.

Pat Finn Pat@answers2prayer.org


When One Voice