On Being a Flake

by | May 8, 2015 | Light

The snow had fallen and although they say there are no two snowflakes alike, piled there on the ground, they all looked the same.

That, too, can be said about people. There are no two exactly alike. When gathered together in large crowds though, everyone looks the same.

So, what if you are trying to stand out in a crowd?

What if you are tired of being overlooked?

What if you believe that it’s your time to get noticed?

Be a flake.

“That doesn’t make sense at all, Bob. You just said that after the snow fall they all looked the same.”

Look again.

At various times and depending on where you are standing, one can see even the smallest flake.

How? It depends on the light.

Snow, like water, glistens in the sun. At just the right time, at just the right angle, every drop, every flake, has a chance to stand out.

The difference is people have a choice. When we fall, we can stay right where we are, melt into the ground and watch our hopes and dreams be washed away. Or we can rise up to face the light of a new dawn and be a reflection of all the good in the world. Light brings our dreams to life.

We naturally see light as hope, because in the light we can see the truth.

We often see darkness as fear, because it represents the unknown. We fear what we cannot see.

The light is perfect and although some claim to be, we cannot claim perfection ours.

So, how then can we stand out?

Like the snowflake, sparkling and beautifully unique, if we cannot be the light, be a reflection of it.

The same light that makes the snowflake sparkle, the same light that brings truth to darkness and fear, made you to rise up in a crowd and stand out as a sparkling and beautifully unique reflection in the world.

If you feel you have missed your chance to shine, you are mistaken. It is why God made the day. After each period of darkness comes the light. And although you cannot see it during the darkest times of your life, the light shines for those who believe. It is why He made the stars and the moon. They, like you, are not perfect, but are a true reflection of “The Light.”

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On Being a Flake