No Rain Please!

by | May 8, 2015 | Provision, Trust

When we woke up on Monday afternoon our garage had so much water inside as it rained so badly and this was not our first encounter with the rain causing damage to our properties. At some time the garage was 1/3 full and my car was parked inside and the water got inside . It was bad. This happened twice.

So on Monday afternoon when I came back from work, the sky was so dark and when I looked from the bedroom window I could see that it was gonna rain very hard any second. I looked at the dark clouds and said these words: Please Lord let this rain not come down or if it does please let it not cause any damage to our properties. I then sat on my bed. After five minutes I looked through my window and could’t believe what I saw, the clouds had shifted to another direction and after some minutes the sun was shining though not for long as it was about sunset.

It hasn’t rained up until today in our area though according to the weather people it was going to rain until weekend – Praise the Lord!

God bless us as we continue to grow, knowing and trusting Him more & more

Damaris Moremi


No Rain Please!