No Fruit

by | May 8, 2015 | Fruit, Poem

I’ve never seen such a lonely sight;
As an apple tree with no fruit to bite.
Empty fruit trees all around, no fruit do they bear;
Empty world that’s lost it’s hope, for no one seems to care.  

The spoils of the rich and lazy, gotten by being plundered;
From the backs of those they stepped on……..pushed aside and laid asunder.
The time has come when right is wrong and wrong seems all too right;
Souls crying out to God above to return and set things right.  

Hold high that blood stained banner, show the world your trees bear fruit;
By going out and spreading the gospel, telling the world God’s truth.
If we each would do His will, and be Christians that all can see;
Then trees would bloom all over the world, bearing fruit abundantly.

Pat Finn


No Fruit