The Healer: When Suffering Seems Unbearable, Conclusion

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“Worship the Lord  your God and his blessing will be upon your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.” Exodus 23:25

I received Jesus Christ as Lord  when I was quite young in Sunday school and I started to witness from an early age on. In Primary school I was the chairlady of our Christian union. That must have made the devil very mad about me because I developed a personal touch with the Lord  when I was very young. One day while in college, I was traveling to town from upcountry. Our vehicle got involved in a very serious road accident which messed many people’s lives. The Lord  had revealed it to me earlier in prayer and I had taken time to pray, though not gotten it right that it would be a road accident, I only knew that something serious was to cross my life but I saw the Lord ’s saving hands comes to rescue me.

By God’s grace I escaped from the accident unhurt but after some time my leg developed very sharp pains. I could not walk by myself and the pain was too much to bear. One day in a wheelchair waiting for an x-ray I turned to the Lord  “Lord  your word says that you shall never leave us nor forsakes us. Do you mean even now you are here in this wheelchair with all the pain that I am going through?” I heard a voice answer, “Just flash back and remember from where I have delivered you from the snares of death!” Amazingly I looked around to see who had spoken but there was no one, there was only my sister who was next to me but she never heard any voice. Going through the x-ray there was a bone which had twisted from its position causing me a lot of pain. Comforted by that voice I changed from complains and started worshiping God, from there when we returned home, my leg healed completely from all pain after suffering for a couple of months.

It was not long before I had a growth in my body and the doctor referred me for an emergency operation. I cried so much complaining that the Lord  was so unfair to me. After complaining for long without any answer I got to know that our Lord  dislikes complaints and when we complain, even if in our test we are at the stage of 99% to receive our answer, we return ourselves back to scratch and restart again from 0% until we pass the test. Complaining to God causes one to mark- time in one place for a wrong time without receiving an answer.

“Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer” 1Corinthians 10:10 KJV

I had strong faith that the Lord  is able to heal me without a scar and always asked him to perform a miracle. It wasn’t easy waiting for about 3 yrs on God. The pain became unbearable and I decided to book for the operation. Placing my booking in January, I was told I had to wait 4 months. I felt exhausted to have to wait that long but I would always remind God about his promises. A month to the operation date, I had gone for morning prayers, and after the session was over, I stood outside the church in tears of desperation. Two ladies from the church approached me to find out what was the problem. When I shared about my problem and the trust I had in God to heal me without operation, one of them back to her office shared with Lucy (who is also a prayer warrior at Answers2Prayer) what I was gong through . Lucy asked her to invite me to their office so that they could pray with me.

In the course of the week I visited their office and we I joined hands with Lucy in prayer.

While in prayer, I felt my body become hot almost to the point to interrupt the prayers. After finishing my friend Lucy confirmed she felt the same. Since then the pain stopped instantly. It happened 2 weeks before the operation. I knew the Lord  had done something! I decided to go back to the same doctor to prescribe for a second scan at the same place the previous scan was done. Who knows that there is nothing impossible with God! The growth was completely gone!!!!!!!!!

I took the new results to the hospital where I had booked the operation, now 1 week to the operation date and all were amazed of its disappearance. When the Lord  pays back to you what the devil has stolen or destroyed in your life, he ensures that you recover everything in full! The same time I was given a date to go and collect the money that I had placed for booking the operation. It was returned in full without me asking for it! Praise be to the almighty God of Host!

Like all that was not enough, years later, I developed a serious chest problem. It was hard to breath and for more than I month was admitted in hospital. I could not breathe by myself without support of an oxygen machine. For some time no medicine would work on me and almost everyone lost hope, but do you know when we get to the end and nothings seems to work out that is when the Lord  comes. Some people would not visit me for a second time after seeing me in such a bad state.

Taking account of my life I would feel that I had not done enough for the Lord to take me home that early. I remembered there was a time I desired to confirm through prayer and fasting whether the Lord is real and whether there is a place in heaven after death as the bible tells us. He confirmed it is true that he is there and that there is a place for those who will live as it pleases him according to his word. Then he asked me if I am sending materials to build my mansion. I asked how we send materials, and then he said by serving the destitute, visiting the sick and those in prison.

I felt I had not done my part for me to rest. I asked him to breadth life in me again and cause me to breadth well naturally. God is so faithful! He remembered me from his throne seat of mercy and my body started responding!! I started breathing slowly myself and I was eventually healed!

“Is anything too hard with the Lord ?” Gen 18:14 KJV

The main subject that I learnt through all these is that our darkest hours in life are opportunities to develop a good relationship with our Maker. It’s not a time to grumble but to understand the will of God in our lives.

The Lord also entrusts us in his assignments.

Get this as I conclude. One day I was standing in a bus stop waiting for a bus. Besides there was an insane disturbed and soiled man, who was lighting a fire early in the morning, his long unkept hair was all over his head and shoulders in tied knots. The bus was taking too long to appear and within me I prayed that the bus would appear soon. I heard a voice say, “First talk to that man!” Looking around to see who had spoken, I could not see anyone. Ignoring the voice, I prayed again for the second time in my heart for the bus to appear immediately. Again I heard the same voice. “I said first talk to that man!” I knew it must be the Lord  speaking. I hesitated then I said, “Lord  start the conversation,” as I walked near the man.

Looking at me, the man was very happy. All of a sudden he stopped what he was doing and asked me to buy him tea. I was very happy how the conversation started. I told him that Jesus loves him so much. He asked me whether on earth there is anyone who loves him. I introduced Jesus to him and asked him whether he would invite Jesus in his life as his personal Saviour. He was so touched and seemed to be getting back to his senses. He did not hesitate to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour. I asked him to close his eyes in order to pray which he did. I led him to the Lord  through the repentance’s prayer. After 2 days I brought him clean clothes which he accepted and invited him for morning glory prayers. As we were on the way, he saw a certain building where he remembered some people from his own rural area.

Isn’t the Lord  so loving and caring unto all that he has created?

His healing power is still in work even today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you are saying that you have prayed more than enough and nothing good seems to happen, You may be going through the making in his hands. Do your part and stand still. He will soon come to your rescue. Only believe and when he is through with your process, he will surely show up for your case.

Seasons keep on changing. His season of making you what seems best for him is only for a while, and you will soon see a breakthrough it all.

Stand still and know that he is your God! “And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever.” NKJV Exodus 14:13 KJV

Winnie Ngugi, Nairobi, Kenya

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The Healer: When Suffering Seems Unbearable, Conclusion