I Had a Dream About God

by | May 13, 2014 | God's Love, Poem

I had a dream about God, and He was a vision in white;
Jesus Christ, His loving Son, was sitting on His’ right.

I was at His’ feet, lying flat on my face;
Somewhere in the background, I could hear “Amazing Grace”.  
The feeling was so complete, that I could not even speak;
My voice was totally gone, my knees were feeling weak.

I couldn’t figure out how I got there, nor the reason why;
The tranquility and peace of it all, made me break right down and cry.  
In my mind I begged, Lord don’t let me wake up, please let me stay here with You;
He said: Child you have to go back, your work on Earth is not through.

Now who am I to question God, I want to please Him in every way;
He’s the last thought I have at night, and the first thought each day.  
When I fall to sleep at night, I pray once again I have that dream;
To feel unconditional love surround me, basking in the glory of The King.

Now I know the day will finally come, when He’ll call me home for real;
Oh how I wish everyone could feel, exactly what I could feel.

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


I Had a Dream About God