I am the Gift

by | May 13, 2014 | Gifts, Poem

My Father sent Me……..I am the gift from His’ heart;
I willingly came, for I was glad to do My part.
Sent to save the souls of mankind, is the reason that I came;
Spreading the holy gospel, in My Father’s name.  

I had no place to lay My head, no place I could call home;
There were many times in My wondering, that I felt so all alone.
Except for My Father, I always felt His amazing grace;
Directing me in My ministering, as I traveled from place-to-place.  

There were those of you who did not believe that I was My Father’s Son;
Somehow I made you anxious, you wanted to see Me hung.
You got your wish that final day, when you nailed Me to the cross;
That was My Father’s plan all along, so mankind would not be lost.  

God sent His Gift….I paid the price….that was His perfect plan;
How the gift is used My Father sent, is now left up to man.
If you believe that I am the Son of God, I shall return for you one day;
Interceding with My Father, I have taken the sting of death away.

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


I am the Gift