His Footprints

by | May 13, 2014 | Guidance, Poem

Come my child, follow me, I will keep the world at bay;
Father I’m right behind You, every step of the way.
I leave my prints for you to follow, they show the way anytime day or night;
Lord, I will follow You, but I will walk just a little to the right.  

Footprints so carefully left, for His’ children to seek and follow;
Whether over the mountain top…..or down through the hollow.
Christ was here once before and He walked upon this earth;
Have you ever thought what He did for us, and what it is really worth?  

Taking us home to meet the Father, the Creator of it all;
We must be willing and waiting, when the trumpet sounds it’s call.
Do not take it lightly, what Christ did for the sake of mankind;
He is the only link between us, leading back to the Holy Vine.  

Come follow me, my child, for I am the way and the light;
I will gently guide you, until you are able to take flight.
I will follow You, Father, but I will walk just a little outside;
For I am not worthy to walk in Your’ steps, they are too holy for me to even try.

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


His Footprints