by | May 13, 2014 | Devotion

How do you fit everything you are supposed to do into the day? Well, with all the pressures and expectations of modern life, sometimes you just can’t. Often we concentrate on the things that need immediate attention or provide immediate results. And what gets left out?

Well, usually it’s the intangibles that get put aside. We can think about our souls later. So, you don’t have time to talk to God. Well, you tell yourself He’s probably busy too. You’ll get to it some other day.

And the days slip away.

The other day my twenty year old step-daughter was babysitting for us and had decided to stay over. When I was getting ready for bed I noticed she had left a paperback beside the toothbrushes. She was in her room by this time and, rather than go in myself, I asked my wife if she would take it in case it was wanted for bedtime reading.

Then my wife explained (as she so often has to do.)

All of her children had been brought up to spend a full two minutes brushing their teeth in the morning. A succession of funny, plastic egg timers had helped with this habit. Being a big girl now her daughter didn’t need an egg timer. Instead she read from a book of devotions each morning as she brushed her teeth.

Wow! I couldn’t imagine that. “How do you do that?” I asked the next day.

“Book in one hand, toothbrush in the other,” was her simple explanation. And then she rushed off to work, every bit as busy as the rest of us.

Of course. As simple as that.

Finding time for God, it turns out, has nothing at all to do with how busy you are. It only has to do with whether you want to or not.

David McLaughlan copyright 2009