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“Are you sure?” I asked my grandson as his hand reached out to choose. We were purchasing a nine-inch toy plane called an Air Hog. Grandson had his heart set on flying the small plane at the ballpark in his neighbourhood. This specific model could be hand-launched by pulling a type of ripcord to start its tiny engine. Our only question was whether to choose the plane with propellers mounted on the wings or the model with one big propeller mounted atop the plane’s body. Grandson chose the latter. At the time, it seemed to me that he had made the wrong choice. After all, shouldn’t a proper plane have its props on its wings? Besides, what could a twelve-year-old boy know of such things?

Dreading the prospects of my grandson’s disappointment should the strange-looking plane not perform well, we set out for the ballpark. The first few launches were good, though not a big deal. At least the toy flew. With determination in his stride, this child of twelve assured me that the plane could do so much better. So, up an embankment he went to launch the Air Hog again. Lifting his face into a gentle breeze, he pulled the ripcord. The toy plane rose steadily until it caught an air current and glided as if off to heaven. There even seemed to be a tiny red light blinking from its tail as sunbeams played on its ascending body. At one point, I thought, “Oh, we are going to lose this toy, for it is going too high.”

Over and over again that day, my grandson flew his plane, as park dwellers stopped and looked up in amazement. You could see the wonder on their faces as their hearts cheered for the spectacular flight of this tiny toy. It was a beautiful sight. With awesome wonder, I asked myself just how a child of twelve could have chosen so well.

That day is a beautiful memory now, and grandson is thirteen. Somewhere between the making of this memory and his thirteenth year, my question was answered. I was reminded that Jesus was only twelve when He ventured away from Joseph and Mary. He went to his Father’s house where He amazed all with the knowledge within Him. When at last found by His anxious parents, this boy of twelve had a solid reply:

Luke 2:49 – “Why were you searching for me? He asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” (NIV)

Prayer: O holy Father, through Your Son’s example, we find the understanding that at twelve, a child’s life is about to take flight. Help us to be there for children and grandchildren as they grow in strength and wisdom. We thank You for the gift of knowing that all that has been built in them is beginning to surface. Thank You that we can help them climb in this sky called life. In Your beautiful Son’s name we ask. Amen and Amen.

Sandra Kay Taylor santaylors1@aol.com
Westminster, South Carolina, USA