Wherever You Go

by | May 12, 2014 | Love

They always left notes for each other.

“Missing you!”

“Remember I love you!”

And one particular one that was used over and over.

“Wherever you go, my love goes, too.”

That one, was written on the back of an index card, folded and then cut small enough to fit into a pocket.

Although they were rarely apart in later years, when they were, they could each expect to find those words on their journey.

The card was so worn that the words were barely readable. It didn’t matter. They knew the message by heart.

Melva and Frank were loved by all so it came as no surprise that on the day of his passing the funeral procession would be huge.

Melva was under the watchful eye of her family as they worried about how she could possibly go on without him.

On the final day of the viewing, when called to say her last goodbye, Melva walked slowly up to the casket, and as expected, slipped the tiny worn out piece of paper into his pocket.

“Wherever you go, my love goes, too!” She whispered.

Like a script from a classic love story, it would only be days later, that Melva would be found in her home peacefully awaiting her retrun to Frank’s side.

Although not a medical term, she died of a broken heart.

The family and community still struggling with Frank’s passing had little time to worry about her.

“Truthfully, it came as no surprise,” one was overheard saying.

What did surprise them and still remains a topic of conversation was what they discovered on the last day of Melva’s funeral.

One of her children standing by her casket thought it proper to complete her final journey by slipping a piece of paper into her pocket.

Yes, with the words, “Wherever you go, my love goes, too!”

Tears now gently flowing, the oldest child began to hide the note in Mother’s pocket, when she discovered something already there.

Her head cocked slightly in wonder as she grasped the slip between her two fingers.

“What is this?” She whispered softly.

There was a gasp, a sigh then followed by joyful weeping.

It was an old worn out slip of paper with the words, “Wherever you go, my love goes, too,” scribbled in father’s handwriting.

No one said a word as she returned the original to its proper place.

I am sure this will be the topic of discussion at family gatherings for years to come. Not questioning how this could have happened, just that it did.

As you journey out today, my friend…

“Wherever you go, my love goes, too!”

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Wherever You Go