Trust and Obey

by | May 12, 2014 | Obedience, Trust, Worry

Whenever I think I have a handle on life, my dogs teach me a new lesson on life and living. Sandi is part collie part mutt, but all heart, she is quite simply put, my dog. She follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, and is at the driveway when I arrive home.

So what lesson did this dog teach me? The other night when I went to bed she laid her head on my chest and within one second, she was snoring. She had let go of all her worries, her fears, she had turned over everything to me. I was her protector, her comforter. It took me a few days to realize what had happened. I kept thinking about Sandi and how she slept so sound, then I thought about me….

Do I turn my life over to God, my comforter, the way she does? No, I do not. I should. So I will turn over a new leaf. I will try to be a better person, or should I say, I want to be as good as my dog?

Carrying burdens do no good. Christ said worry will not add one day to our life. So why not turn loose of our worries, our burdens, and trust in Him?

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Trust and Obey